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"More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio” Book

Author Glen Popiel, KW5GP

CH 8

Auto On/Off Mobile Power Control

CH 9

Station Power Monitor

CH 10

AC Current Monitor

CH 11

Load Tester

CH 12

Voice Memory Keyer

CH 13

Wireless Remote Coax Switch

CH 14

Wireless Remote Telemetry

CH 15

GPS-Based Ethernet NTP Server

CH 16

Yaesu FT-series Xcvr Rotator Controller

CH 17

Yaesu Rotator Controller Rebuild

CH 18

Yaesu Rotator Controller Modification

CH 19

1 to 30 Mhz DDS VFO

CH 20

Antenna SWR Analyzer

CH 21

40 Meter QRP CW Transceiver

CH 22

40 Meter QRP JT65 Transceiver


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